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Wander + Wonder World Maps by Charlotte Bassin

Charlotte Bassin’s world maps aspire to inspire. With their enchanting originality and artistry, they invite us to think anew about our inherent connections to humanity and to Mother Nature, to consider how we might best preserve Earth's natural beauty, revitalizing hope in the process.

Through a glorious range of texture, color and material -- and, not least, the intriguing irony of finding utterly original compositions while still using the exact same outline time after time -- each map offers us distinctive clues and cues to understanding how we treat each other and every sentient being.

By omitting all political borders, Charlotte reminds us — indeed challenges us! — to have no boundaries in our efforts to honor all life, to work on positive change, each map urging us outward: “Go, learn, pay attention, listen, be present, enjoy serendipity, make a difference, find humanity!”

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Have you taken a trip around the world and want to commemorate your journey with a piece of art? Would a world map look great in your office or be the perfect touch for your child's room?

I work with all kinds of materials from recycled paper to twine, wood and burlap. Many of my maps reproduce well as prints, others are one of a kind 3-dimensional pieces. I have done commissioned work that was created for a special purpose or person in mind. I love working with people to create that perfect map. Contact me or visit my shop on Etsy.



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