100 day projects

Celebrating the launch of my new website with another 100 day project! by Charlotte Bassin

It has been just over a year and a half since I quit my job at the zoo to follow my dream of being a professional artist. I have been crazy productive: making art, meeting people, participating in art shows, selling art (yay!) and have been learning so much! I’ve been making art since I was in college, but selling it is a whole different story. It feels like I get to be a student all over again. Who knew there was so much to know about the business of art?

My hope is to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way so that others might be inspired to follow their own dreams. I’ll also share information about my art process and the things that inspire me. And, of course, there will be stories of travel and adventure.

As soon as I quit my job, I started doing these 100 day projects. The first two that I committed to doing were creating 100 maps in 100 days while also hiking for 100 days straight. I later journaled every morning for 100 days (it became a habit and now I do it every morning) and last fall I took a break from drinking alcohol for 100 days.

Now… with the launch of this new website I am embarking on yet another 100 day project, technically three – I’ve decided to commit to being more disciplined, focusing on these areas of my life: mind, body and spirit.

Mind: #100DaysofMeditation
Body: #100DaysofPlank
Spirit: #100DaysofCreativity


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P.S. This video used to live on my old website and I think it’s worth keeping around. I filmed it a few years ago working on a map that took me so long to draw (notice the change of seasons)… it’s still not finished! Maybe I’ll pick it up again at some point in the next 100 days, maybe I’ll even finish it!